Site Control System Version 8.9 Now Online!

Main Features:

  • Update multiple websites from a single Web interface
  • Advanced HTML editor with mulitlingual AJAX spell checker
  • Content history tool allows you to view or roll back to previous edits to webpages
  • Multiple client accounts with individual website profiles
  • File Management utility to upload videos, images and documents up to 2GB in size.
  • Drag and drop tools to edit site structure
  • Extensive SEO tools built in
  • Modular architecture to allow new tools and facilities to be easily added to the system
  • Built in Outlook-style enquiries management system
  • Cross browser compatible (IE8+, firefox,  Chrome 1+, Safari, Opera, iPad, Android)

The Site Control System has been 10 years in the making, and version 8.9 is the best one yet!

View the Tips and Guides page for more information about using the Site Control System

What's new in version 8.9

  • Page and folder level CSS 
  • Configurable SMTP settings
  • Dynamic page links - Links keep working if page is renamed or moved to a different folder
  • Page Aliases to allow same page content to be displayed in different folders with automatic canonical url generator

View the Change Log to see details of previous updates