SiteControlSystem Change Log
Version Date Released Changes
8.8 27/6/2014
  • Improved mobile friendly UI
  • configurable SMTP settings
  • Updated file manager
8.72 18/4/2013
  • Improved front end and UI
  • Added New Help Section
  • Back end code reorganisation to allow the system to use it's own content management tools to update content and help files
  • Added tool level access
  • Added Mobile content editor
  • Added 6 new site options for mobile content, search logging, multi currency, deletion locking, version control and enquiry logging
  • Added File Categories in File Manager to filter files
  • Added New account profile screen
  • Added Advanced Site Content Editor tool
  • Added Folder Thumbnails property
  • Added Page Image property for quicker thumbnail creation (no longer need to link files to pages for thumbnails)
  • New SCS User mobile with site and module level permissions
  • updated editor shows image thumbnails in file browser
8.7 5/11/2011
  • Updated front end
  • New help section
  • Back end code reorganisation
  • Module Access Levels
  • Mobile Content Editor
8.6 9/7/2011
  • New ribbon bar on content editor
  • Updated site themes
  • Member login statistics export tool
  • New ribbon bar on content editor
  • Updated site themes
  • Member login statistics export tool
  • Added 'Regional Settings' in localisation options
  • Changed site liquid layout to to optimise layout for smaller screen sizes (mininum screen size is now 1024x768)
  • Added viewport metatag to fix screen size in iPads and iPhones
  • New CMS access levels for better security
  • New printer friendly stylesheets eliminates unwanted screen clutter and saves printer ink and paper.
8.5 6/5/2011
  • New Store Locator module with Geocoding facility
  • New Localisation and Multi language options
  • Multi language spell checker
  • Site selector upgraded to allow partial match searches
  • Custom Site Dashboard option
  • Changed Page 'SEO' screen to 'SEO & Accessibility'
  • Added 'access key' field to page accessibility options
  • New Database batch update tool
  • New Online Database Backup and restore tools
  • Page recovery tool to undelete pages
  • Page impressions counter
  • Advanced Member login statistics
  • Auto thumbnail resizing on image uploader
8.4 9/1/2011
  • Rewritten class architecture
  • Improved layout for Page Editor
  • Module import facility
  • Reskinned user controls and updated UI
  • Remembers last edited site between logins
  • Automatic image and thumbnail resizing options in File Manager
  • New Upload Multiple Documents in File Manager
  • Fixed page editor for Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed back button/pagination bug for lists
  • Fixed list width layout for IE9
  • Added Change Log
8.3 7/12/2010
  • New skins on data tables and controls
  • New CMS account editor
  • Edit Structure tool allows drag and drop of site structure and page order.
  • Site selector autocomplete facility
  • Client site navigation system - search engine friendly and keyboard accessible dynamic menus
  • Bug fixes to module manager
8.2 11/11/2010
  • Updated article editor - includes rollback and rollforward feature to restore previously saved content of pages
  • All tools now integrated into article editor toolbar
  • Google Translation tool in article editor - translate page content into 12 different languages
  • HTML paste option in editor to easily embed YouTube videos or Google Maps code
  • Right click quick access tools for content manager
  • New Left navigation system
8.1 27/08/2010
  • Site is now built using the latest 4 framework
  • Updated site selector tool for CMS admins
  • Bug fixes to site manager