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What is the Site Control System

The Site Control System (SCS) is a flexible web based system. Although described as a Content Management System, the SCS can be used as a web administration interface for just about any system. You don't even need a website to use the system, for example, you could have a customer database which is updated via a SCS mobule without the need to create a website per se.

The Site Control System is really a container and front end interface for a series of independent modules. Each module performs a specific task, for example, there are modules to update website content, manage members databases or ecommerce facilites. There are dozens of modules currently available and more are being developed all the time.

How Does it Work?

Each user account in the SCS is linked to one or more 'sites'. These sites could be websites located on the same server or on a different server to the SCS. Each site has it's own group of modules associated with it. In addition, each user account can be set up to only allow access to certain modules in that site. For each site, there is a Site Admin account which can be used to create further CMS accounts for that site.

Each site normally has a database associated to it. This database could be MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL or any database system that allows remote updating. It is possible to create a module to update file based databases such as Access or xml, but an intermediate set of apis would need to be hosted on the target website to allow remote updating.