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User Access Levels

Each user account in the SiteControlSystem has a different level of access. The access levels define how much of the site you can change, and whether you can publish changes in the SiteControlSystem to the live website.

The access levels are as follows:

0 - Guest - can only access the public areas of the SiteControlSystem and the help documentation.

1 - Demo Account - can only work with the demo website

2 - Site User - Can update and add unpublished pages but cannot publish or change currently published pages

3- Site Editor - Can update and publish pages but cannot modifiy website settings or create SiteControlSystem user accounts.

4- Site Administrator - can update and publish pages, and can modify most website settings apart from the Site Options which only CMS Administrators can do. Can also add SiteControlSystem user accounts of access level 4 and lower.

5+ CMS level accounts. Not available to website owners. Confers the ability to add/edit websites, modules, batch database updates, clients, and other system-wide tools. Different levels of access grant different abilities beyond access level 5.