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Enquiries Module

The enquiries module is an outlook style database of enquiries that have been received via the website contact form. The usage is very similar to outlook but differs a number of features. You can send emails out using this module, but replies will be received via your regular email address. It is possible to link your regular email address to the enquiries module, but in general it is better to use the regular email for receiving emails.


There are 4 tools included in the enquiries management admin - mail, calendar, contacts and notes.

You can add folders in any of the tools by right clicking on the folder list in the left hand side and select 'add folder'. Deleted mail goes to the deleted items mailbox and you can purge this by right clicking on the folder and selecting 'empty deleted items'.

You can change the email address associated with this module by going to the Email and Contact Settings tool in the Website Settings module. Only Site Administrators and higher have access to this module.