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Editing Folders

Adding Folders

Folders can be added using the Edit Content tool, or the Add Folders tool. To add folders using the Edit Content tool, select the parent folder that you want the new folder to be added to, right click then select 'add folder'.

To use the Add Folders tool, click on the folder in the left hand page, then enter the folder properties in the right hand side (See folder properies below).

Editing Folders

You can edit folders using the Edit Folder tool or the Edit Content tool. To use the Edit Folder tool, select the folder you want to edit then update the folder properties in the form that appear in the right hand panel after you have selected the folder. Alternatively, you can go to the Edit Content screen and right click on the folder that you want to edit, and select Edit Folder.

Folder Properties

Folders have the following properties:

ID - the ID number of the folder - read only field.

Folder Title - the title of the folder. This appears in the sitemap for the website and in any folder lists in the SiteControlSystem.

Folder Name - the foldername is the url segment of that folder. If you have a folder with the name of my-folder, the url of the folder will be Any pages in this folder will also use the foldername as part of the url, for example, a page with the filename of 'my-page' in the 'my folder' folder will have the url Foldernames can only contain alphanumeric characters and no spaces. See the URL Rewriting section in the SEO and Metatags guide for more information.

Folder Type - most folder types will be 'Standard Folder' but other types may be used such and newslist for news sections or assets for document repositories and galleries. It is not recommended that you change the folder type field.

Locked - locked folders prevent access to all pages in the folder

Secure - secure folders prevent access to all pages in the folder except for logged in members or via the folder password option.

Folder Password - if this is set and the secure field is set, then when you try to access pages in this folder, the folder password prompt will appear. if you are a logged in member of the site, then the password does not appear. This allows you to grant guest access to portions of your website.

Folder Image - you can select an image from the file manager to act as a thumbnail or header image for this section. The image must be in the 'Folder Image' category for it to appear in the folder image list.

Deleting folders

If you delete a folder, all pages in the folder are also marked as deleted. You can delete folders using the right context menu in the Edit Content tool as described above, or using the Edit Folders tool, select  the folder you want to delete and click on the 'Delete Folder button that appears under the form in the right hand panel.